One of a Kind Sculptural Chrysoprase Necklace

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Sculptural and textural! Sterling silver with my signature, hand stamped texture and a layer of bronze for contrast. The stone is Chrysoprase with Dendrites. I  have a hard time describing the stone, it is slightly translucent in woderful shades of turquoise and browns It is beautiful! The pendant is comprised of a layer of bronze beneath the hand stamped sterling silver layer topped with a beautiful stone!

About 3" wide, 3" high and 5/8" deep.

18", 6mm rubber cord with a sterling silver secure clasp.

One of a kind.






















slightly translucent. The colors range in shades of turquoise blue and earthy browns, beautiful! The setting is asymmetric and I think it's energetic!

About 3 inches wide, 3 inches high and 5/8" deep.

6mm Rubber cord with a sterling silver secure clasp