Sterling Silver "Square on Cuff" Bracelet

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 I love a good bracelet! I think a bracelet should make a statement and of course it should be sculptural.

Thinking of the attributes of a good bracelet, I consider quality first. The materials should be substantial to resist damage and strong solder joints to prevent breakage. Second I consider fit and comfort. If it isn't comfortable you won't enjoy wearing it. Thirdly, I think of style. I like bold, classic, sculptural designs and texture for contrast.  My bracelets are designed for a smaller wrist and they come in 3 sizes.


  • Available in size extra small, small (default) and medium.
  • Size small measures approximately 2 1/8" inches wide, 1 7/8"inches front to back`` a and 2 1/8 inches from side to side.
  • Designed for the smaller wrist.
  • Signed and numbered series.
  • Each is hand crafted in America!


If you don't know what size to order I suggest you order the size small. If it fits, Great! If it doesn't fit you will know which way to go, XS or Lg

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.